Building Connections : Immersive Brand Experiences by Float4

Doesn’t this Spring feel like the first one in years? With the return of all things in-person (Experiential Marketing Summit here we come!), audiences are craving experiences that provide genuine, awe-inspiring connections.

For well over a decade Float4 has collaborated with brands across industries to create moments of wonder and build meaningful connections with their audience through tailored location based interactive and immersive brand experiences.

Join us at the EMS Expert Studio on April 28-29 for a chat with Renée Hampton & Alexandra Margulescu. The team looks forward to connecting!

Selected Projects

Here are a few examples of tailored interactive and immersive brand experiences produced by Float4.

The Carousel @ Bloomingdale’s

Good For the Globe Capsule The Carousel @ Bloomingdale's underwater Immersive Brand experience

Flexible immersive digital canvas  elevating any chosen theme for any branded product collection for years to come. Keep Reading.

eBay Earth Brand Experience

eBay Earth brand experience controlled by app interactive and immersive brand experience

Engaging interactive data visualisation of real time transactions across the globe at eBay corporate campus. Keep Reading.

NBA Digital Jam Session Activation

NBA Jam Session Activation Interactive and Immersive Brand experience

Immersive space with interactive installations for the NBA Jam Session in New Orleans. Keep Reading.

Nestlé HQ Interactive Branding 

Nestle Headquarters Interactive Branding and Immersive Brand experience

Customized digital visuals to communicate company culture and interactive content to drive brand engagement. Keep Reading.