28 Liberty: Customizable Digital Signage

Renovations to 28 Liberty from a corporate entity to a modern hub included a massive LED wall and LED ribbons that showcase FLOAT4’s customizable digital creative content, delivered by RealMotion™ servers.

Technomedia, who oversaw the development of the creative brief and the RFP selection process of the media design team, selected Float4 to create, produce and manage the content pieces for the installations.

The upgrades included a 34-foot by 25-foot LED lobby display and LED ribbons in the retail area that display eye-catching visuals. By combining data driven content, refined visuals and a turnkey technological solution, the building is equipped with a 24/7 platform that informs, entertains and engages building occupants and guests. The digital canvases display information about the building itself, local events and internal announcements in a high-tech and dynamic fashion.

A pair of RealMotion™ servers interface with Smart Monkey’s ISAAC system to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use content management solution. The client can schedule and add new content, and use templates to update content in real time.

28 Liberty’s future-forward solution for reinvigorating its space supports its tenants by driving crowds and revenue to the building’s owners and tenants, while reinforcing its identity as a landmark construction.

Photography: Joe Polillio