Cayton Children’s Museum: Interactive Playground

The Cayton Children’s Museum is an indoor, interactive play space in the Santa Monica region of Los Angeles. FLOAT4 developed, designed, programmed, and integrated three interactive installations for the space.

The Sand Table is an interactive projection on a real sand table. The topography of the terrain evolves depending on the depth of the sand mounds that are created by the children. The table passes through spring, autumn, summer and winter. Each season offers its own buildings, animals and colour palette.

FLOAT4 designed and programmed two interactive content capsules for the Floor Projection installation – a Garden and an Zen Forest. Different content elements of the interactive capsules grow, light up, or flutter, depending on the proximity of the children to these specific elements.

The Art Wall is a digital wall made of 10 LCD displays. Three different generative and interactive capsules were designed for the Art Wall. Children can manipulate the Art Wall content through movement-based interaction, captured by a Microsoft Kinect Azure, or by touch-based interaction, via a Hokuyo Laser. A ‘slideshow’ capsule allows staff to add their own media to the Art Wall through a stream-deck device.