Jazz Fest Jukebox Interactive Installation

FLOAT4 produces and integrates the interactive content for the Jukebox installation at the Montreal Jazz Fest.

The Jazz Fest Jukebox is an interactive experience created in collaboration with L’Équipe Spectra for the 2021 special edition of the Montreal Jazz Festival. This temporary multimedia installation is located in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier des spectacles; the heart of the festival itself. The Jukebox features pre-recorded performances by local musicians that visitors can interact with. As such, each visitor that interacts with the installation is contributing to festival life while enjoying a custom experience.

When a visitor approaches the Jazz Fest Jukebox playful music invites them in. First, motion sensors identify their presence. Then, they simply point to select the musician or band they wish to interact with. Finally, they point to select one of the lively backgrounds for the artist’s performance. The song starts playing and the content responds to the visitor’s dance moves such as pointing, clapping their hands and waving them in the air like they just don’t care.