Nestlé’s Arlington Headquarters: Interactive Branding

Nestlé’s new headquarters uses customized digital visuals to communicate the company’s culture, and interactive content to drive brand engagement with both staff and visitors.

FLOAT4 was brought on by architecture firm Gensler to develop the content for the lobby’s LED ribbons and LCD screens on each floor. FLOAT4 produced multiple visual experiences for each floor’s video wall that react in real-time as people pass by or motion toward the displays.

On each of the seven office floors, a 5×1 panel LCD panel video wall near the elevators greets employees and guests with a 24/7 rotation of Nestlé-inspired content that reacts to viewers’ motion. The video walls are interactive using Realmotion servers, motion detection cameras and a laser system that recognizes hand movements close to the displays. Participants can affect the movement, colour, or other aspects of live on-screen content.

FLOAT4 used Realmotion servers to then use the content from the elevators as a base to generate colour palettes and graphics in real-time to display on LED ribbons in the lobby.


Nestlé’s Arlington Headquarters: Interactive Branding

Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company.

In 2018, Nestlé moved its North American headquarters from Los Angeles, CA to Arlington, VA, and hired Gensler to lead renovations.