QuintEssence at NRJ Spa Nordique: Multimedia Spectacle

QuintEssence is a multi-sensory and multimedia hydrotherapy nighttime spectacle, a unique digital experience creating a symbiosis between the spa’s services and the customer’s senses.

QuintEssence’s theme, conceived by NRJ Spa Nordique and developed and designed by FLOAT4, was inspired by the five elements of nature. NRJ Spa Nordique enlisted FLOAT4 to integrate projection and video mapping and lasers into the spa’s natural scenery, including onto a water fountain screen in the middle of Lac Sartigan.

After examining the spa’s offers, its built and natural surroundings, and its clientele, FLOAT4 identified sensory points within their customer’s journey to integrate a narrative digital show. Many of QuintEssence’s technological concepts are the first in the thermal hospitality industry. FLOAT4 collaborated with La Hacienda Creative for sound conception, and Solotech and Laser Quantum for the laser shows to create a unique, fully automated and synchronized experience.

NRJ Spa Nordique

QuintEssence at NRJ Spa Nordique: Multimedia Spectacle

Located on the banks of Lac Sartigan, NRJ Spa Nordique offers a variety of spa experiences.

Its services range from hot spas, to Hammam steam bath, from Finnish saunas to cold water basins with waterfalls.