The Statue of Liberty Museum: Interactive Exhibits


At the Statue of Liberty Museum, commissioned by the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. (SOLEIF), each visitor can explore its history through immersive interactive exhibits.

The Immersive Theatre takes visitors onto a virtual fly through inside the Statue’s creation and construction. The story unveils with interactive stations at the Imagining Liberty and Embracing Liberty exhibits, which showcase the Statue’s historic artifacts. The visitor’s journey culminates at digital kiosks inviting visitors to reconsider their own roles in Liberty’s future.

The Becoming Liberty exhibit is a salute to the diverse connotations of Lady Liberty, and takes advantage of innovations in generative visuals driven by real-time data. Thousands of guests are invited to use any of the 20 touchscreen kiosks to share their country of origin as well as a personal photo taken at the kiosk, and to choose a selection of images that represent their idea of ‘liberty.’ Cloud-based artificial intelligence software work with RealMotion servers to automatically consolidate more than 30,000 data points into a cyclically-updated digital mural, displayed on ‘The Canvas’, a 40-foot-wide by 11-foot-tall digital screen.

Renderings Courtesy of ESI Design.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Foundation

The Statue of Liberty Museum: Interactive Exhibits

The 26,000-square-foot museum showcases the history, global impact, and future of the symbolic Statue of Liberty. The building was designed by architect FXCollaborative, and exhibit and experience designer ESI Design worked with FLOAT4 on the production and integration of interactive content.

The interactive exhibits demonstrate the capabilities of real-time graphics in a culture-consumption setting.