The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas: Opulence

Float4 transforms the lobby of the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Hotel and Resort with a stunning visual art piece titled Opulence.

The majestic Lobby Columns multimedia installation at the Cosmopolitan immerses guests in a fantasy world. A world where surreal characters come to life, suspended in a dreamlike environment. 


Our goal was to capture the intangible feeling of entering The Cosmopolitan, where guests become a version of themselves they don’t see every day—a bolder, wilder version. The underwater theme was a visual metaphor of the hotel’s brand, echoing what happens under the surface and the pleasure of discovery.

Underwater Live Action Shoot

An underwater shoot was therefore essential for the project; immersing performers from various backgrounds, including a synchronized swimmer, yoga instructor and dancers, in an underwater environment allowing for a unique vulnerability and authenticity to shine through. The result was an awe-inspiring performance that beautifully complemented the overall concept.

With over 60 talented individuals working on this project, Float4 ensured every aspect was impeccably delivered. 





The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas: Opulence

The Cosmopolitan lobby, designed by the Rockwell Group, has been a prominent feature of the hotel’s signature design for over a decade. The eight monumental 16 ft tall columns, covered in digital displays, offer a truly unparalleled and visually captivating experience for visitors as they enter the property.The reflective floors and ceiling serve to enhance the grandeur of the space, creating an illusion of expansiveness that feels larger than life.