The New Desjardins Space : Brand Experience Centre

Float4 designed, produced and integrated the Desjardins Space digital experience in 2014. Since then, more than 45,000 people have visited. In 2020 we were brought back for a content refresh that would establish the space as a brand experience centre by showcasing the Desjardins culture and five core themes.

The Space features two large screens that complement each other and bring the space together.

Call Wall

The Call Wall, which is visible to the public, is a window into another world; a gateway into the visual aesthetic of the Desjardins Space. Float4 designed surrealist, modern universes that artistically represent the five themes, inspiring contemplation. Particles appear and move with a visitor when they walk past the screen, creating an atmosphere of surprise, connection and interest. This large screen also displays artwork from the Desjardins private art collection during special events.

Interactive Screen

Employees use the Interactive Screen for presentations at Desjardins Space. When not in use, the screen invites visitors to learn about Desjardins’ themes. Using the touch-screen, visitors can pick a theme and scroll through a mini-lesson composed of video and text slides. At the end of the lesson, visitors can take a quiz on the subject.

Two RealMotion™ Servers were used to manage the interactive content.


The New Desjardins Space : Brand Experience Centre

With $362 billion in assets, 2,830 ATMs & various points of service, as well as over 48,000 employees, the Desjardins Group is the leading financial cooperative in North America. Founded in 1900 their financial reach and social contributions are an important part of Canada and Quebec’s vibrant economy. The Group is also a pioneer and leader in online and mobile banking services in Quebec and is active in some 30 developing and emerging countries.