Residence Program offer

Float4 is an award-winning studio, passionate about weaving compelling digital experiences into physical spaces to amplify their identity. Collaborating as a team of versatile, like-minded individuals, they strive to redefine conventions by designing and producing site-specific interactive multimedia installations.
Through each project, Float4 has realized this emerging industry’s need for a new set of tools and has invested heavily in the development of their proprietary RealMotion platform that has become the engine powering many of their projects.

This offer is open to all digital artists in Montreal aged 18 years and older.

Project description
The residency offers to train an artist or a group of artists to use RealMotion, thus creating a digital artwork that will be presented to a large public.

Participants are invited to conceive a complete concept file for an original artwork inspired by the theme Tangible reality. All type of projects are well received (Installations, audiovisual work, projection mapping, interactive design, realtime VFX…).

Tangible reality
Definition. Reality.
Noun: The state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them: Trying to escape from reality.

Our realities are augmented and sometimes virtual, but what happens when we need to confront them? In a world more and more eventful and connected, how can we use technology to become conscious?

We suggest to create an interactive artwork, physical and digital; linking the real and the virtual, the tangible and the invisible. A participative artwork that reflects the collective conscience.

Selection criteria
The jury will evaluate the concepts as per the following criteria:

  • Following the guidelines
  • Originality
  • Technical innovation
  • Accessibility

Stages of selection process
Participants must submit a concept file from August 31st to September 28th 2018. On October 10th, a jury composed of 5 digital arts specialists and personalities in Montreal, will select the best 3 projects. The chosen artists will be asked to present their concept during a 5@7 on the 26th of October at Float4. The winner will be revealed following the presentations.

The residency will take place at Float4 from October 31st to November 23rd 2018. The winner will proceed to create and present publically the artwork during the event Intersection organized by Printemps Numérique at the Canadian Center for Architecture on November 27th 2018.

During the residency, the winner will have access to the following:

  • Technical equipment
  • Support of professionals
  • RealMotion training
  • Workplace
  • Grant of 2000$
  • Financial aid for the creation of a physical interface
  • Project presented on all the social platforms of Float4 and Printemps Numérique
  • Project presented at Intersection at the Canadian Center for Architecture

* The residency does not include the cost of lodging, travelling nor per diem.

Sign up will be available from August 10th to 24th 2018. Candidates can apply online by providing their contact information and their curriculum vitae and/or portfolio at:

Please note that the applications can be made as a group (2 or 3 people) or individually, in  the two official languages recognized in Canada – English or French.

Only selected candidates will be contacted.