The 1100 Experience: Generative Content

The 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) Nanolumens LED display at 1100 Louisiana is the largest commercial office indoor digital installation Houston.

It measures to 32 feet wide by 18 feet high, with five additional LED pillars (96 x 1000 pixels) surrounding the display.

The immersive digital installation provides tenants and visitors of 1100 Louisiana access to a myriad of art from local institutions, museums and talent from the Houston region. The project was led by global architecture and design firm Gensler.

FLOAT4 managed the project’s media production, and built a custom CMS solution to manage assets, scheduling and the input of third party content to be provided by the client’s network. The installation is powered by a 16 Karat Gold Series server from RealMotion.


The 1100 Experience: Generative Content

FLOAT4 programmed four capsule concepts: Beauty in Data, Change of State, Imagination Room, and Living Wall.

Each rotation between the four capsules offers a unique experience because the content is generative. The capsules each have their own unique set of customizable parameters that control the algorithm of the piece. For example, one of the parameters in Beauty in Data is public data sets from Texas-based energy sectors.

The generative content was created in Notch, Unity and RealMotion.

FLOAT4 also built a content configuration tool that allows internal users to edit the parameters of the four content capsules. It automatically generates new factor sets for the parameters every hour. Users can schedule a predefined factor set for a specific upcoming date, or override a factor set.