The Carousel @ Bloomingdale’s Immersive Retail Popup

The Carousel at Bloomingdale’s permanent pop-up space was inaugurated in 2018 and features two video walls. The digital content displayed on the video walls reflects the themes of the various capsule collections curated by Bloomingdale’s. Since the Carousel’s inception, Float4 has created 23 branded digital content capsules. It has been an incredible collaboration with the Bloomingdale’s team!

Moreover, this immersive digital canvas allows for: 

  • An extension of the physical space
  • Full flexibility and unlimited variations of the digital content. 
  • Creating movement and action within the decoration with possible optical illusion effects.

Selected Capsules

Good for the Globe

Firstly, let’s take a look at Good for the Globe. This themed content capsule had the goal of highlighting sustainability and protecting our oceans. Here Bloomingdale’s curated a selection of items such as denim produced with less water, recycled skateboards and board games made from used fishing nets.

Digital Content: Live action shoot in Hawaii, stock footage & CGI animation for underwater views, waves and marine life.

Style Kingdom

Secondly, Style Kingdom celebrated African landscapes, wildlife and color in honor of the 2019 Lion King film release. Therefore it explored the concept of “the circle of life” illustrating key moments that span a 24-hour cycle, from beautiful sunrises to a stunning full moon. 

Digital Content: Stock footage and CGI animation, including a waterfall effect designed and mapped to fall around the sides of the physical display shelves. 

Style Kingdom Waterfalls The Carousel @ Bloomingdale's Lion King

Pride for All

Thirdly, Out Magazine Editor-in-Chief Phillip Picardi co-curated the Pride for All capsule collection. Picardi selected products capturing the spirit and history of Pride. These include items by vendors and designers who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Digital Content: Stock photography, CGI animation, 2D & 3D animations – in the creative style of “potpourri”.


Finally, the Bridgerton-themed content capsule for the Carousel at Bloomingdale’s was inspired by the popular Netflix series. Thus, it centres around the themes of romance and mystery in a world of regency elegance and fantasy. The launch of the capsule celebrated the return of the show’s second season.

Digital Content: A 2.5D animation and motion design technique inspired by theatre scenography as showcased on the show where visual elements slide in and out on-rail to reveal what is behind them. 

Bridgerton Capsule The Carousel @ Bloomingdale's courtyard